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Jim table – constructed from salvaged gym floor from a Miamisburg Ohio junior high with the base having a previous life as a school desk complete with old gum…



God Bless America! Our flag created from license plates 😉



Latest Repurpose Builds…

Table build from a gym floor that was pulled up from a middle school in Ohio!


Tables build from old warehouse skids.



old growth timber that was cut approximately 100 years ago!

logs that were cut approx 100 years ago.  old growth pine that was cut and put in the river to transport.  Many logs sunk and remained underwater for many years.  The lumber is kept cold and wet in the river and therefore can be beautiful still today. See more of the process.

old growth timber that was cut approximately 100 years ago!

some of these logs can be found in log jams on the river.

some of the oldest logs are marked with a “bark mark” this was before the stamp

some logs are marked with a stamp on the end

after pulling the logs by boat we floated them up to the trailer

we were able to partially pull the logs onto the trailer and then winch them the rest of the way onto the trailer.

we shrinkwrapped each log individually to help keep the logs wet until they could be cut.

we tarped the logs to help keep the shrinkwrap in place and strapped the heck out of them.

we offloaded the logs from the trailer and rolled them to the saw.

the logs were lifted by the mechanism on the saw and the first cut was made!

these were cut to 2″ with very little waste – we left the “bark” on.

this log was cut in half to make a 10′ piece.

grain and color from the cut end of the log.

the end of this piece had likely been in and out of the water and was showing the wear.

grain and color from the worn end of the log – beautiful!! now we wait months for them to be dried…

~ thanks for a great adventure margy, bill & dad!!


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